Texans deserve a true conservative voice in Washington. 

Here's what to expect from Jacob Leddy in Congress. 


Republicans won a trifecta in 2016 - yet they still seem unable to pass a full repeal of Obamacare. Healthcare for many Americans is more expensive than ever. 

Healthcare should be affordable. It becomes affordable through more competition - allowing insurers to sell across state lines and removing unnecessary barriers to entry that force monopolies to exist. 

It's imperative for taxpayer funds to stop being given to wealthy insurance companies. 


I would love nothing more than to abolish the income tax and let you keep all that money you're earning. It's your money, after all. Not the government's. 

Until that day comes, I want to see a flat tax. An easy 18 percent for individuals making more than $40,000, whether you're an individual, married, or a corporation. No more brackets, deductions, or loopholes for wealthy executives. Just 18 percent of whatever you earn. If you make less than $40,000, you don't pay an income tax at all. No more "doing taxes" or hiring someone to do them. Simplify the tax code and the IRS - and let you get on with your life. 

Let's also eliminate the self-employment tax. We shouldn't be penalizing anyone for creating jobs. 


Imagine for a moment you made $18,000 last year. But, you're also $20,000 in debt. Add nine zeros to those numbers, and that's exactly where America is right now. 

20 trillion dollars. 

$20,000,000,000,000. $20 million-million. That's our current national debt. And counting. 

Take a second and think about what happens if you get heavy in debt and never pay. Shouldn't the government be held to the same standard? That's our money. Shouldn't we decide how it's spent?

The federal debt costs us $250 billion in interest payments each year alone. It's doing detrimental destruction to our economy. 

It's time for us to balance this massive checkbook.

Pain-Capable Act

I unabashedly agree with and support the Pain-Capable Act, which bans abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy. It is important to protect innocent life, and this bill logically accomplishes that. 

Second Amendment

The right to bear arms isn't up for debate. 

America was founded on the freedom to combat tyranny, and I have every intention of keeping the second amendment intact. I support your right to defend yourself, your family, your property, and your country at all times. 

I will vehemently oppose any legislation that restricts or takes away that right. 

Criminal Justice Reform

No more civil asset forfeiture. 

No more war on drugs.

More freedom.

Civil asset forfeiture is unconstitutional, period. I will support any and all legislation that puts it to rest. 

As to the war on drugs, we should err on the side of freedom and solve the problems that come with that approach.

I favor rehabilitation over criminalization. I do NOT support legalizing hard drugs - but I also don't think letting non-violent users rot in a cell solves the problem. 

Prohibition has proven ineffective time and time again, so why do we continue trying it? The war on drugs is a detriment on society because it forces those not able to use legal recourse to turn to violence to solve disputes. 

I will support any legislation that legalizes marijuana and any legislation that turns our non-violent drug problem from a criminal one to a medical one. 

Jobs & the Economy

Government doesn't create jobs, but it sure does a great job of preventing them. 

I want to work with small business owners to find out where and how we can create jobs. I am committed to cutting the red tape, making the tax code simpler, and ending the self-employed tax. You should never be penalized for boosting the economy and creating jobs. 

I unapologetically support a free-market approach to the economy, and will always support any legislation that increases competition, lowers prices, and creates jobs. 

I want to put an end to the corporate tax, so that companies will bring and keep jobs here in the U.S. 

Anyone who wants a job should have a job. Washington needs to stop preventing that.